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1. Arya Manoj Very good

2. Divya m Good

3. Divyagopi Good

4. JSS SCHOOL OF NURSING, KOLLEGA software is user friendly

5. Nimishamolpv Good

6. Sangita yekten Excellent

7. Archana C N Good

8. mahantesh harlapur good

9. Tom Tambi Bbau Service is good, but what about contact details no responses at all.

10. Dr Chetan Good Work

11. suma chalageri thank you

12. Ashitha p m Good wok

13. HC Sujatha its very very good for all nursing staffs

14. HC Sujatha wonderful job

15. Nagajyothi s Good

16. chandrappa o good

17. ILYAS PASHA Hi KSNC Team . 1.its a good website and useful for all Nurses. Save time 2. I am requesting all management people to talk softly with all nurses those are coming for updation to center. I got a complaint that management people rudely behaving with all nurses pls requesting you to behave with all softly Nurses are not your servent. 3. Please create a link to delete the uploaded document. If by mistake i upload any other document there is no way to delete it please create a link to delete uploaded document . Thanks & Regards ILYAS PASHA

18. Pritiben Parmar good site but when some information not provided by KSNC to respective form, KSNC does not take care of the same as I send documents in month of August and NNAS asked for missing documents till date no action is being taken. If any one in KSNC can help in this regard shall be highly appreciated. My email is pritivilex9@gmail.com.

19. feba simon george Very good achievement

20. Bijomijohnk Good

21. Licy chacko excellent service

22. B.sc Staff Its good website and good customer service.. Please request you to upload tracking numbers for foreign good standing certificates. We are waiting for the certificates since one month. Please do the needful at the earliest..

23. jaijagadeesh Hiremath I would like to express my deep gratitude to KNC registrar and his staffs. It is conspicuous that there has been a drastic change in the documentation process .Organisation well incorporated the modern technology in the office. Great to see the digitalization ,transparency and timely office function. I experienced that working standers are of international standers. Furthermore,online documents upload and schedule are time saving and less chaotic in the office,i still remember once council use to packed hardly one could move. Now its all changed,i just want thanks KNC staffs and wish them to keep it up the good people friendly work.

24. Reviverymbai Excellence

25. Reeja koshy good

26. POORNIMA K Excellent work

27. Sony Jose Good

28. PREETHA.K.RAMANAN the site is very useful and thank you for creating this for making the process easier


30. Sonia john souza Happy

31. Aiswarya Gud

32. Sanju rana Hi everyone i want to say few words about Mr Shrikant B.( registrar of Karanatka nurses registation council) very respected person , honorable , dedicated and hard working person . He has maintained all thing according to covenience of students and make frankly and corruption free environment. Yesterday lots of students came to get registration and got by hand with the help of Mr shrikant sir. Good service really appreciating and thankfuly. Thanks a lot sir inspite this mr rajesh sir and one more spax person (dont know name)much helpful and dedicated for work.thanks

33. SUVARNA M E good achievement, well service

34. Sachin G Informative website and timely services, appointment system is very use full, Registrar is very responsive

35. Jency Good application.Is it possible to delete the uploaded certificates?